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Strategy Sprints

Finally, there's a cost and time-effective way to take an intensive deep-dive into your brand, message, products, competitive space, and audience to get you the clarity you need to move your company forward strategically.

Get clear. Make a plan. Move forward with confidence.

What To Expect:

For many of our clients, we serve as their entire strategy team. For others, we add our facilitation expertise to round out their existing team. In both cases, we get the work done while developing data-backed strategic decisions that you will take with you after our engagement has concluded.

We use the Simpligy approach to balance business objectives with market needs while ensuring a reliable and sustainable pace for strategic development.

You'll bring your domain expertise, entrepreneurial grit, and dedication to the table, and we’ll facilitate the rest.

Through a series of sprint sessions, we create a strategic framework that can evolve and grow with you.

In short, you contribute your business priorities, market segments, and leadership team. We add strategic expertise, a fresh perspective, and a proven process. Together, we get you moving.

How It Works

An effective Strategy Engagement requires efficiency in both the work and the communication.

We know your key staff are busy so we've assembled the software suite and processes that make uncovering your strategy simple, fast, and, above all, effective.

Some new business styles have proven their efficiency and cost effectiveness so well they have become permanently entrenched. Working virtually is one of them.

Secure Group Video Calls.

We'll meet for our team Sprint sessions using the encrypted online video platform, Zoom. This service is completely secure and allows us to communicate freely as a team, in real time, to develop your brand using insights and experiences from the most important members of your company, without disrupting your operations, increasing your workload, or ever needing to leave your office.

Collaborative Brainstorming.

We use a group accessed digital whiteboard so the group can gather to share ideas and perform group decision making even though we are not sitting in the same room. Your team can interact with each day's Sprint canvas so that we can all make sense of the information in total context. When one team member updates the canvas, everyone instantly sees the changes.

Data-backed Decision Making.

Not everything can be brainstormed on a whiteboard. From competitive analysis, to brand archetypes, to reputation management, and even your post-Sprint launch plan, we've chosen our supporting software suite for its strength, ease-of-use, access, and efficiency. We handle the licensing for each of these tools and the assets we develop together will be transferred to your brand manager after the Sprint.

*We will provide all licensing & access, you do not require paid licenses to any of this software.

Let's Talk

After the Sprint, we transfer ownership of all Research-related boards, spreadsheets, and database to your brand manager. These assets are vital to the success of your brand, communications, and messaging and we will instruct you on how to continue to develop these over the life of your brand.

Some Of The Ways We Help:

Brand Strategy
Product / Service Strategy
Brand / Product Naming
Messaging Strategy

Next Steps.

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