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The Strategic Mentor Program

For early-stage and small businesses, the challenge to moving forward is not a lack of drive or expertise, it's that there are always more questions than answers.

Your growth requires confidence and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. You need to be willing to challenge yourself, to grow your vision, to acknowledge when you've become complacent, and plan to make things better.

But it's impossible to have all the answers in business and it takes confident leadership to admit to that.

Get clear. Make a plan. Move forward with confidence.

What to Expect

Innovation requires bravery, and in a crowded field of dynamic businesses, confidence and clarity are vital. You plan your direction. We provide the clarity, support, & experience to keep you moving forward.

  • Strategy Training For Your Facilitator.

  • You'll name a member of your team to take on the role of strategist within your organization (typically a member of senior leadership).

    Through in-depth video programs, email support, and twice monthly calls, we'll train your strategist on how to facilitate strategy sprints for your business, brand, product, audience, and messaging.

  • One-on-One Momentum Calls Twice Per Month.

  • We meet twice per month for 30 minutes per meeting to answer your new strategist's questions and make sure you never lose momentum.

  • On-Call Mentor.

  • In between calls, we offer unlimited email availability so we can eliminate any challenges you run up against and make sure we get you unstuck without delay. 

  • Emergency Zoom Access.

  • We also make emergency Zoom access available wherever possible in case you're just stuck and need to work through something in person.

  • Planning & Accountability As A Business Process.

  • It's easy to get carried away chasing "innovation." But, it's important to square your hypothetical ideas with concrete reality, and not lose your strategic focus. Reach out and get an experienced outside perspective for questions and ideas at any time.

    Some Of The Ways We Help:

    Brand Strategy
    Product / Service Strategy
    Brand / Product Naming
    Messaging Strategy

    Next Steps.

    Want to learn more? Ready to take control of your brand, product, & business strategy?

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