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Welcome home.

This is your place.

These are your people.

Get the guidance, perspective, mentorship & support you need to release the pressure & focus on finding more meaning in your business and life.

Leaders don't lead companies, teams or families.

Humans lead humans.

We all arrive at a point when we're looking for more meaning.

And, there is a whole new plane of growth waiting for you, one that will make you a better leader - and a more fulfilled human - than you could possibly imagine today.

But, it’s impossible to cultivate your humanity when you’re isolating inside your overthinking introversion & using success as your excuse.

You’ve got to walk through the fear & join your people. 

Ready to define your new status quo?

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably familiar with my work and are considering joining this online support and growth platform for “lost-preneurs.” 

You’re probably used to having to do it all yourself and have all the answers. 

You probably feel like a bit of a misfit, like there isn’t a place that you belong. 

I have good news; this is your place, and these are your people.

As we come out of the apocalypse and into the recession, entrepreneurs will be facing enormous uncertainty.

The pathway through that uncertainty must be purpose. It must be about achieving more meaning in your work.

But it can be lonely at the top. Who do you call on for answers?

If the pathway through uncertainty is purpose and you know you want to achieve more meaning in your work, there are going to be questions along the way.

Until now, those questions have probably all fallen to you. You either have to find the answers, take a chance and experiment, or research your brains out to just move past a sticking point.

But that only works for so long. Some things, inevitably, fall through the cracks. And the most important things – the questions around self-understanding, purpose, & meaning, never get dealt with at all.

You're going to need support. A mentor first. And a network of different perspectives to help you answer the questions that you can't work out on your own.

That’s what this Membership is: a chance to finally get the outside perspective & support you need to stop reacting to every change and start opening your focus to a more meaningful path forward. 

The Simpligy Collective might be for you if:

You are craving a community that understands your search:

If you like the idea of having a place where you can gather and talk with other people drawn to the same simplifying, stabilizing and growth approaches that you find in my work.

Perhaps you're looking for your place and people you resonate with. You know your business growth would be easier with likeminded company, encouragement and regular touch points.

You're tired of always being the person the buck stops with:

If you often feel alone in your business, you're expected to have all the answers, and you don't have the support that understands the meaningful life you're craving.

Trust me, your spouse may wan't to help but, unless they're at the same place you are, it's just good intentions.

You're committed to doing the work that will create real change:

Let's be honest, you've tried it on your own and you keep coming up against what you don't know – almost there and just about to succeed, but never seeming to crack the code. That's why you're here.

You are excited, ready and committed to the journey of building your dream business with meaning & purpose.

You are drawn to a simplified and stabilized business model:

You love the idea of growing your business, not by adding more complicated tactics, but by developing a simple and strategic business model that delivers more value.

For you, and for your clients.

A business where you can declare a real expertise, and build stronger relationships and an unassailable reputation.

You can see a pathway to a business that fulfills you in every way:

You want to feel the confidence in your businesses that can only come from being completely comfortable in your value.

You want your business to fit your life and not the other way around.

When you look at your business you see enough potential to easily justify the 'cost' of this network.

You understand the value of sharing perspective with fellow travellers:

You're willing to share your knowledge within the collective where you can, a little here here, a little there.

It all adds up and, very quickly, you'll be a contributing member to a massively valuable network of like-minded thinkers.

Nothing would make me happier than this program being filled with the type of people who naturally want to support and grow together.

You want access to all of my programs, coaching & content:

I have created a massively valuable library of video training, strategy sprint programs, articles and podcasts.

My strategy sprint programs, business courses, mindset training, and regular group coaching sessions will all now be found in one place.

Anything new I create will go here and also be accessible to members within the Simpligy Collective.

You are willing to actively commit for three months minimum:

I'm interested in helping you simplify your business, stabilize your revenue, and find the meaning that's missing in your life.

Typically, I can’t promise those type of results in thirty days.

But, in three months, you should know whether the Simpligy Collective & my approach are a fit for you.

If you actively engage, show up to the calls, & use the training, I'm confident you'll get life-changing results.

You're willing to leave expectations of perfectionism at the door:

We're all human. We're going to mess up. Things will slip through the cracks.

If you’re the kind of person who has a chill vibe and is willing to share your experience and ask for clarity and support before ending relationships, we will get along fine.

I’m not a faceless corporation. If something isn’t working for you, I need and want you to let me know and give me the chance to make it right.

If you’re that kind of person, this is going to work out beautifully.

Sound like a fit?

"You definitely go above and beyond as a mentor, it really shows! Strategists are literally my favorite people to get in a room together, the brain power is amazing."

Francesca Davis - Freelancer

The Simpligy Collective might not be for you if:

You're looking for a quick-fix or instant results:

If you want to get from nothing to six-figures in two-months, look elsewhere.

If you’ve got a program you need to sell out next month, this is not the network you need, even though there is some great content in here that could help you improve your results quickly.

You don't have the bandwidth to commit to this:

This is not a self working machine.

You don’t just pay a monthly fee and things magically take care of themselves.

This takes time and effort. It’s a new approach for you. It's much bigger than tactics.

It’ll take time to figure it out. There will be new things and new language to learn.

You're expecting One-on-One coaching or hand holding:

This network doesn’t work like that.

I’m in the group every day (except weekends) and I’ll do my level best to answer specific questions when I can.

But this is not an individual coaching program. If that’s the kind of support you’re needing from me, you should look into my private coaching.

Or you could find another group who offers that.

You're not willing to stick with it when the questions get hard:

If you're the type who keeps asking questions until you get the answer you're looking for, instead of working through the hard stuff to get to the truth, this is not the place for you. 

There's no point spending money on support for real growth if you're not willing to grow.

You're interested in dwelling in blame or resentment:

Over the years, I've spent my fair share of time dwelling in resentment when I should have been pushing forward.

It's self-indulgent and destructive. I get it, I understand why we get stuck there. Especially when so many of us have such an overdeveloped aversion to injustice.

But Bill Gates had it right, "Life is not fair - get used to it!"

I'll help you get out of it. But I won't pander to you and it may not be comfortable.

Your time zone doesn't allow you to attend the live calls:

Sure, you can watch the replays, and I'll support you to the best of my ability but, let's be honest, the real growth for overthinking introverts like us is in walking through the fear and putting ourselves out there.

I'll help you do that but, you'll get the most benefit if you make yourself available for the live mastermind calls.

Your Simpligy Collective Membership:

So, what does it cost and what do you get for your money? 

Given that this is a monthly plan, the value will change based on how long you stay. The longer you stay and the more you use the network, the more you save.

The chart below is based on imagining that you came in for a full twelve months and used everything. You did every program, every DIY course – you really go for it. You take a really deep dive into my work.

What would you save from signing up for the Membership?

Disclaimer #1: Value is Subjective. Not everything I create is actually, or has ever been for sale, so any prices would be ‘what I would charge’ if I were to sell it to the public. It’s completely possible that I might do so one day.

Disclaimer #2: The first month is a good gateway. I see the first month as a way to get to to know me and my work. Within this time, I imagine you’ll have a good sense of whether or not it’s a fit for you to continue with it, to step down and leave the membership or if you want to upgrade to a private mentorship relationship with me instead. You’ll likely have a pretty solid idea after thirty days. 

Disclaimer #3: This is all subject to change. What you see in the chart below is my most recent articulation of what’s in the Collective. But the Collective will evolve in response to the members. Some items listed here may be removed if they’re not used and new (hopefully better) items will be added. 

To put this in context:

The Simpligy Collective is currently discounted to $197 USD/month.

If you were to have purchased all four Strategy Sprint Programs as a non-member, you’d receive step by step instructions and enormous value in becoming a strategist.

But if you were to join the Collective for an entire year, you’d get access to the same four Strategy Sprint programs, plus:

  • free access to the Vault containing all of my individual Strategy Sprint exercises split out into individual lessons (coming soon),

  • plus all of my Niching and Positioning DIY courses.

  • plus you’d also get first dibs on (and discounts to) my One-on-One coaching and events.

  • plus, most importantly, you’d be getting weekly Feedback Friday calls with me, every month!

You pay around same amount as the Sprint Programs alone but you get so much more. 

And, with a bit of focus, it could make a much bigger difference to your business.

So, when you sign, what do you get for joining?

Nine practical, future-building assets you’ll get access to the moment you join:

Weekly, 60-minute Feedback Friday calls:

Want more help from the community to reach your goals?

Join our Feedback Fridays to chat with others, get their feedback, and get the valuable insight you need to make those dreams a reality.

Feedback Fridays are super casual. Just show up, be kind, and be giving.

Almost all of my content, securely hosted in one place:

I am migrating all of my existing content into this platform (much is already there).

So you won’t need to go to a distracting platform like YouTube or Facebook to check things out.

It will only get more organized and valuable as time goes on.

Prioritized responses over public channels:

You can certainly try to get my attention by commenting on a blog article or Youtube video but, you already know you can find me in the Simpligy Collective every day.

Moving forward, I’ll be prioritizing my responses to this network over the public platforms.

First in, best dressed for everything I create:

As I produce more programs, experiment with new ideas and offer new courses, books or challenges, you’ll be the first to be invited …

… and they will be included in the Collective as well as made available to all my private mentorship clients.

Priority access to One-on-One coaching:

Every month, I have spaces for up to 6 people to work with me one on one. They often sell out.

But, if you’re in the Collective, you’ll be getting notified of available slots before anyone else (including the advance notice general public email).

And, you’ll also get 40% off!

Discounted, priority access to live events:

Now that the apocalypse is fading into the rear view, we can get back to satisfying our inherent need for adventure, travel, and growth through live events.

We estimate holding (at least) two events per year, both in their respective hemisphere’s Summer, one in Whistler, Canada and the other in Rotorua, or Queenstown, New Zealand.

Members will receive discounts & first access to tickets for these events before they go public.

Sound like a fit?

Claim Your Place

Three more ways I'll help you get the feedback you need:

I’ve got dozens of articles, videos, podcasts, and posts.

You could try to dig through that all on your own, or you could join the Simpligy Collective where all of my content will be organized.


When you join the Collective, to help you get answers to your questions without the clutter and distraction of social media, I’ve divided the Collective into topics that you can use can post questions in areas where you’re feeling stuck (and tag the other members whose support you’re wanting).

My goal is that you can find the perfect resource you’re looking for quickly and easily. 

Way #1: You can ask me directly live during our weekly Feedback Friday calls. Wondering what materials you should check out next? Don’t search for a needle in the haystack. Just come to a live call and ask me. 

Way #2: Access to a “Feedback Corner” section. Struggling with a decision and need some help but not sure where to look in the courses, videos, articles and posts I offer? Post your question in the "feedback corner" thread and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Way #3: Direct Message me whenever you can't find an answer but don't want to post in the forums. Unless I'm working with a private client, I'm in the Collective every day. On those occasions when you can't find an answer or you have a question that you don't want to post publicly, just send me a DM. If I'm with a client, I may not get back to you immediately but, I promise I'll answer every question you ask. 

What will the group coaching calls with Bruce be like?

Every week, we'll have a Feedback Friday call where I’ll answer as many questions as I can plus, you’ll have a chance to join one of my 12-week programs where we'll work together on your specific challenges.

What will it be like? What’s my coaching style?

To answer that, I have to share a little about me. In the last ten years, I've closed a successful agency, pivoted to consulting, started coaching, been diagnosed with diabetes, lost 40 pounds, been diagnosed with prostate cancer, regained those 40 pounds, had lots of treatment, got both cancer and diabetes under control, and dedicated myself to living a life with more meaning.

I'm in my fifties now, with a whole lot of education, experience, and insight to share that I realized I hadn't previously been sharing. So, I've deliberately stopped the treadmill style work and focused purely on what fulfills me.

So, back to my coaching style.

I'm still an overthinker. That's never going to change. I'm still an introvert, that's never going to change, either. But, I'm also super chill and continually focused on not letting high-stress add to the maladies I already brought on myself from a lifetime of anxiety.

And, that translates into how I coach.

I know that I've experienced the full gamut in business, from a first career in senior hotel management, to my second career as an entrepreneur from agency life to strategy consulting.

I've also got a couple of degrees and a ton of prior coaching experience. But, I won't have all the answers. And, I'm okay with that.

What I will have is a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you improve your life. So, on the call, we'll talk about what's going on and try to give you some clarity on where to go next. 

And, on those occasions when I don't have an answer for you, I'll do two things.

First, I'll call on the group. We'll become your braintrust. Ostensibly for business, but it's bigger than that. We'll become your network for all things business, life, fulfillment, and success. 

Second, after the call, you better believe I'll get you an answer. In fact, I'll be absolutely thrilled to do so. I've built this network so I can serve my own values first and one of those values is a lifelong curiosity and desire to learn.

Live coaching calls every week for as little as $197. Even if you join for just 30 days, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Why not jump into the Collective today and poke around. Come to the next Feedback Friday call and ask some questions. I'd love to see you there.

Okay … that’s a lot of “stuff,” but how will this actually help me?

A lot of content doesn’t mean much. It can just be overwhelming. So, here’s my commitment to you: If you really engage in the material, by participating in this Membership you will:

  • Become grounded in the basics of my perspective on simplifying and stabilizing. As time goes on, this will become fully integrated in how you make decisions.

  • Enjoy ongoing improvements. You’re going to have access to programs and a network that will only get better and better and have more content, context, and support added.

  • Enjoy the opportunity to work in a distraction free, growth-focused environment. This is not a Facebook group where there are constant notifications going off all the time.

  • Be able to come and go as you like. Ask for help when you need it, join a program when it’s relevant, read an article when you have time.

  • Have access to a user friendly phone app. You’ll be able to view the Simpligy Collective and go through my programs right from the phone app so you can dip into things on the train, while sitting in a park, or at a restaurant while waiting for your table.

  • Enjoy an exclusive, intimate space. No tire kickers here. No more Facebook groups with people just pushing their own services. By virtue of signing up for a Membership like this, people have a little more skin in the game. They are also likely to be fairly steeped in this content already and won’t give you questionable advice from other schools of thought.

  • Find all of my things in this one place. I am slowly moving the full archive of my blogs and YouTube videos onto the MFH Membership so you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for in one place.

All of this may bring up some important questions for you…


What time are the calls, and what time are they in my time zone?

The Feedback Friday calls will be held every Friday Australia time.  (Please note which DAY it falls on in your time zone below).

Here's how the timezones line up:

Sydney, Australia: 9:00am Friday.

Auckland, New Zealand: 11:00am Friday.

Singapore: 6.00am Friday.

London, UK: 10:00pm Thursday.

Madrid, Spain: 11:00pm Thursday.

Vancouver, Canada: 3:00pm Thursday

New York, USA: 6:00pm Thursday

How much time will you be spending in the Collective, Bruce?

I honestly don’t have a set figure. I'll be in and out every day, though, five days a week unless I'm travelling.

I’ve also got my awesome wife, Joanne, acting as a community facilitator who will let me know if there are things I should be responding to. I won’t be reading every comment.

Joanne will respond to anything she can and I’ll handle the rest. My goal for all of us is to spend as much time in this as we need to make sure we're fully serving you to the best of our abilities. I’d love this to be such a well organized resource that you can go in, and get what you need without delay.

Is everything really included free for the Workshop level?

Almost everything. The only things you’ll still be asked to pay for are…

1. The occasional online workshop that goes beyond the 90 minute mark (e.g. guided niche building)

2. Partnerships I do (e.g if I do a co-promotion of a live-stream with other colleagues and we have to split the revenue three ways and there are real, hard costs).

3. You get a discount on One-on-One coaching but it costs money.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time! PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide pro-rated refunds except in extenuating circumstances.

What if I don't have a niche?

You’re in luck. Every level comes with access to the 6-Day Niche Builder Challenge. I will walk you through a different approach to choosing a niche in the program and then help you craft your niche statement so you can attract more of your ideal client.

I'm not sure I'm ready to make this investment.

I get it. When you're struggling to simplify and stabilize, any extra cost feels insurmountable.


Realistically, the question of whether The Simpligy Collective is worth the investment is really up to you.

Of course, you can find lots of stuff online for free, but in reality, you’re probably already wasting hours searching for answers to simple questions, only to wind up feeling none the wiser.

Alternately, you can make a monthly investment in The Simpligy Collective and receive access to a network that will make simplifying, stabilizing, and achieving real meaning easier and more profitable than ever before.


The bottom line?


When you join us, you’re investing in more than just an online network – you’re investing in yourself and your future.

I have other questions.

The easiest way to get in touch with Bruce directly is inside the Simpligy Collective. You can either post questions to the group or DM me directly. If I'm with a client, it might take me a day or so to respond, but I will respond to every question you have.

If you prefer, there's a handy chat widget over there in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can even click the "Get in Touch" link in the footer and submit a ticket through my help desk. 

Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

Claim Your Place

"You do a really good job of explaining this and breaking it down, I feel really good today with knowing what I am offering and where I am heading."

Danny Mallinder - Danny Mallinder Consulting

Your guide.

Hey, I'm Bruce.

I'm the founder of Simpligy & The Simpligy Collective.

In 2016, I closed down my 9-person branding agency to launch a strategy consultancy that served my lifestyle & needs.

Strategy consulting was a revelation for me. Finally, something that my overthinking, introverted, analytical nature made me amazing at.

And, since that time, I’ve been mentoring and coaching other lost entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges as me, to define and build more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

I found the courage to follow my own simplification strategy – transitioning from producing hours-for-dollars deliverables into creating transformational mentoring, retreats and programs that feed my need for growth, freedom, belonging & contribution.

I’m here to help you find your own simplification strategy and take meaningful steps towards building your most fulfilling life.

"Your value proposition formula was integral to how we communicate our value with customers and keep their end goals in mind."

Alex Walton - Ealy Construction