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Welcome to the Simpligy Collective.

A place for entrepreneurs looking for clarity, mentorship & accountability.

We're a network of entrepreneurs, overthinkers, introverts & analytical minds on a mission to find more meaning and purpose in our work and lives.

Everybody knows work is a part of life. So, why does your life come second to work?

There are a couple of techniques you've probably heard about when thinking of how work fits into life.

"Work-life balance," which is a wonderful concept but, by definition, treats work as external to life.

"Find a business you're passionate about" is amazing but tends to encourage business to become life.

"Prioritize family time" is essential but creates an adversarial relationship between family and work time.

Instead, I like to think of work as an integral part of my life, one which needs to energize me and work symbiotically with everything else in my life.

It's part of the whole, and should be one integral part of your happiness and fulfillment.

So, how do we do that?

Here's what works for me, and for the majority of the members inside the Simpligy Collective:

It's about identifying those parts of us that we can't turn off. The parts that energize us. I'm not speaking of hobbies or interests, I'm talking about those things core to who we are.

For me, one of those things is overthinking. Another is introversion. And another is generosity – a genuine heartfelt desire to help to the very best of my ability.

The way that manifested for me in my consultancy was to facilitate strategy sprints for client teams.

In that environment I could deploy my overthinking as a gift, recognizing that I follow every divergent point down the rabbit hole to find the absolute best answer for the client, not just the first answer.

At the same time, I recognized that my introversion made me an incredible observer but, not as good as a participant.

The facilitator's role in the team allows me to use my heightened observation and empathy to uncover insights from team members who wouldn't otherwise know how to access them.

Essentially, I recognized that overthinking and introversion were part of who I am at all times and that I couldn't turn them off if I wanted to.

I also recognized that, with the right guide rails and processes, these "shortcomings" were actually gifts that let me perform, in a strategic leadership role, with more capacity and value than others without the same traits.

So, let's work on that. Let's find ways to integrate your work as one part of the whole fulfilling life you're trying to achieve.

And let's do it with access to answers, support, & guidance from a network of people who understand why.

Simplify Your Business To Provide Higher Value

Stabilize Your Revenue & Eradicate the Stress

Focus Your Reclaimed Energy on Your Future

I know how it is – you’re stuck. You feel destined for something better but don't know what to do next or, more to the point, how to make a decision between all the “ideas” and “things” you could do.

You’re stifled by fear, overwhelm, and all the damn noise!

Thankfully there is a better way. Together with a network of like-minded people, you can learn the path to ensure you can stabilize your revenue and redirect that reclaimed time to finding the meaning and fulfillment we crave.

I’m living proof that you can transform the way you work by simplifying your business to one where not only are you providing more specialized value to your clients but one where freedom, growth, and meaning are core to what you do.

The Simpligy Collective membership is your invitation to do things differently.

"You do a really good job of explaining this and breaking it down, I feel really good today with knowing what I am offering and where I am heading."

Danny Mallinder - Danny Mallinder Consulting

Find your place, find your people, find your purpose.

Simplify Your Business.

Reduce all the noise and hours-for-dollars products and specialize in high-value strategy consulting.

Not only high-value for you but, thanks to your overthinking nature, your in-built strategic abilities are extremely high-value for your clients.

Stabilize Your Revenue.

As long as you're under the constant stress of wondering where the next paycheque is coming from, you're going to keep giving in to your panic and abandoning your current direction to try something else.

Let’s stabilize your revenue to get all of that stress out of the way so we can deploy your energy into achieving the life you really want.

Find Meaning & Fulfillment.

Seems so simple, right? Just take out all the external pressure and everything falls into place.

Building a fulfilling business isn’t just about catering to the needs of your customers, it has to satisfy your growth and lifestyle requirements first.

"You definitely go above and beyond as a mentor, it really shows! Strategists are literally my favorite people to get in a room together, the brain power is amazing."

Francesca Davis - Freelancer

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough.

Everyone expects you to have all the answers (even as a solopreneur!).

And for a growing movement of lost entrepreneurs who are searching for more meaning, it can be even worse.

Your friends and family think you’re having a mid-life crisis, especially if you keep leaving something successful to try something new.

Overthinking, imposter syndrome, and an unrealistic time pressure has you jumping from one thing to the next so often that you’re never left FEELING like you have any specific expertise. 

So, you’re lost. You’ve gone back to “square one” so often that the idea of climbing the ladder all over again seems both daunting and pointless.

But you also find yourself searching for more meaning from your work. You're looking for more fulfillment and purpose.

You just need the clarity & support to break through the noise.

Since 2019, I have been on a mission to give overthinkers, introverts, and lost entrepreneurs – people just like me – the clarity and support they need to stop being panicked & reactionary and take the right steps forward.

I've coached and taught people from Spain, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, and the United States to simplify their business into a high value specialty so they are free to dedicate their energy to the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life and business.

In the Simpligy Collective, you'll meet other lost entrepreneurs, overthinkers, introverts and searchers who are focused on doing business differently and work together to achieve your goals.

With our different experiences, friendly peer group, powerful courses and inclusive events, I'll arm you with the confidence and direction to build a business that energizes and lets you find fulfillment on your own terms to make the impact you desire.

Your guide.

Hey, I'm Bruce.

I'm the founder of Simpligy & The Simpligy Collective.

In 2016, I closed down my 9-person branding agency to launch a strategy consultancy that served my lifestyle & needs.

Strategy consulting was a revelation for me. Finally, something that my overthinking, introverted, analytical nature made me amazing at.

And, since that time, I’ve been mentoring and coaching other lost entrepreneurs experiencing the same challenges as me, to define and build more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

I found the courage to follow my own simplification strategy – transitioning from producing hours-for-dollars deliverables into creating transformational mentoring, retreats and programs that feed my need for growth, freedom, belonging & contribution.

I’m here to help you find your own simplification strategy and take meaningful steps towards building your most fulfilling life.

“Working with Bruce has been the BEST business decision I’ve ever made. He was the missing link in the equation.

Prior, to working together, I would agonize over where to focus my energy to just attract prospects. It’s literally shocking how quickly he can uncover when I stray from my purpose, and redirect me back to where I can stop trying to be everything and just focus on my audience. I had no idea how much this would make a difference in my conversions.

More than that, Bruce has years of business experience, is always available to bounce ideas off of, and always goes above and beyond to help.

He’s the absolute best. It’s all steak AND sizzle. If you want results and are dedicated to making your business succeed, don’t hesitate. He IS the guy you are looking for.”

Shawn Wicks - Diabetic Nutritionist / thediabeticfighter.com